Cotecna aims to grow both organically and through acquisitions to further reinforce its position as a challenger in the TIC industry.

In order to expand our presence in key markets and across core business lines, Cotecna pursues strategic acquisitions of exceptional companies in the fields of testing, inspection and certification.



Founded in 1975, Neotron is one of the largest analytical laboratories in Europe, offering chemical, biochemical, microbiological, physical and sensory analysis services.

Neotron employs over 550 employees and performs 2,000 accredited tests and processes close to 300,000 samples per year at its state-of-the-art laboratory in Modena, Italy.

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Shiva Analyticals

Founded in 1997, Shiva is one of India’s leading analytical testing laboratories, providing a range of solutions across numerous sectors, including food and beverages, minerals and ores, fuels and oils, pharmaceuticals, and industrial hygiene.

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Founded in 2004, NofaGroup is a leading European laboratory for the testing of food and feed products.

Operating from a state-of-the-art laboratory based in Rotterdam, Netherlands, with additional labs in the Ukraine, NofaGroup performs analyses on over 43,000 samples a year, including dioxins, PCBs, GMOs, heavy metals and pesticides.

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Founded in 2007, CoalLab is a leader in South Africa in the coal mining and export industry, offering sampling, analysis, certification and consulting services.

CoalLab operates a number of laboratory facilities dedicated to providing coal-related services. It also has a world-renowned consulting division, supporting national and international coal companies with quality and sampling needs.



Founded in 1982, Elite is a Philippines based inspection company with expertise in various commodities including coal and mineral ores, petroleum products, steel and steel products, agricultural commodities, and chemicals.

Elite operates one of the biggest teams of qualified marine cargo surveyors and engineers of any non-government organization in the Philippines.